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Bio: Samantha Geimer is the author of “The Girl – A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski” and was the teenage girl at the center of the notorious Hollywood sex scandal involving Roman Polanski in 1977. Samantha was raised in York, Pennsylvania: her mother, who was an actress and model, and her father, a high profile criminal defense attorney. In 1976 they divorced and she moved to Los Angeles with her mother. Samantha had acting and modeling ambitions of her own. But they were cut short. Only weeks before her 14th birthday, a photo shoot with the famous director of “Chinatown” and “Rosemary’s Baby” would embroil her in the world wide media sensation that was the sex scandal of the decade. This was an experience that would forever alter the course of her life. A year of court proceedings led to Polanski’s flight from the US in 1978. She eventually went on to become a happily married working mother of 3 sons, but the repercussions of this unresolved case continued to interrupt her life unexpectedly many times over the years since. Samantha faced the intense and public slut-shaming that was directed at her mother and herself in the months following the sexual assault. After some very difficult years she has learned to face this scrutiny at a moment’s notice and deal with the uncomfortable burden it puts on her family when it arises. In 2013 Samantha wrote a memoir to finally share the truth of the events that occurred in 1977, and the strides and missteps she made in recovering from the trauma she endured at the hands of not only Polanski, but a morally bankrupt legal system and a rabid media. Samantha speaks with uncommon frankness and even humor to empower victims, to end the cycle of victim blaming and to share with others who have been sexually assaulted her story so that we may all come together and have pride in being survivors. Her experience also speaks to those in what can be an uncomfortable situation, supporting someone who has been sexually assaulted, whether it is a loved one, a person in a position of authority in resolving these cases or simply report on the cases that become high profile. Samantha’s message is one of survival and acceptance. It is a message of separating your own self-worth from what has happened to you or what is said about you. Her mission is to see survivors of sexual assault stand proudly and together, not just to support each other but in the hope that our experiences can educate and reduce the number of assaults that occur.

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